B3309 Automatic Pet Feeder

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Meet your best friend's new best friend!
Introducing the Athorbot Automatic Pet Feeder B-3309.  The Athorbot B-3309 automatically prepares your pet's meal with the schedule and amount that you programmed. So you don't have to worry about your pet's everyday diet.
With it's 6.5L capacity container, Athorbot B-3309 automatic pet feeder will take care of your furry babies for up to 15 days depends on their feeding requirements.

A very simple and effective way to make sure your furry friends are in good and healthy conditions.

Key Features:
  • Anti-spill infrared sensor: This features prevents your feeder from over flowing kibbles. An infrared sensor will trigger the device to stop from dispensing when leftover food is detected in the bowl
  • Manageable feeder: Worried about over feeding? Athorbot Programmable Feeder allows you to manage the amount of kibbles for your pet requirements. Comes with 1tbsp serving dispenser (1/10 cup) and 1 tsp serving dispenser (0.5 cup) to give you more flexibility of controlling the amount of food your pet needs. Daily meal is programmable up to four (4) meals a day.
  • Dual power options: No power outlets? Athorbot Programable Pet Feeder has an option to be operated by battery, simply use 3 X D Battery cells (batteries not included). Use it outdoor anytime, anywhere.
  • Big capacity storage : A large capacity of 6.5 liter (about 25 cups) container can hold the kibbles for up to 10-14 days (depends on feeding amount and schedule). Sit back, relax and get rid of that "did I feed my dog/cat last night?".
  • Easy assembly/clean: Athorbot Programable Pet Feeder is so easy to install. Trays and containers are detachable and easy to clean. So your pets are always in good hygiene.
  • Pet-proof seal: Safety Latch is attached to it's cover to restrain your pet from opening to avoid the risk of self feeding, and maintaining the kibbles fresh and crunchy.

What's in the box:

  • Pet Food Dispenser, Feeding Bowl,a small size rotator,10 feet Power Cable and Power Adapter.

  • Product Size: 8.3W x 14.2L x 14.2H