I am Groot!

The first time I got my new Athorbot Buddy, I was really excite. Finally I could witness something amazing. 3D Printing has been like a magical fantasy way back 10 years ago. I remember when I was a kid I was watching a movie about a mad scientist invented a printing machine that can actually prints live action figure and that can actually prints life. Well, except for printing life, but it's all happening now! The technology is here! 

The first thing I noticed about this new Athorbot Printer is how easy it is to assemble. Everything is pre-built and it's basically just 3-Steps to assemble. Really fast, really easy

Ok, so what's next?

After assembling my first 3D printer, actually I don't know what to do next honestly. I was so excited to be awed that I forgot to think about what to print or how to print. Good thing I have the user's instructions manual, and it came really handy. So I followed the all the instruction, downloaded the application, register to Athorbot.com and Thingiverse.com and grab some STL files and done! It's really easy. Well, I struggled for a while at first, and then after having my first print, the next process is just as simple as ABC (I promise).


So after struggling to get familiar with the application, first thing that I wanna do is to print Life! ( ok just an action figure). And baby Groot is the perfect model! So I grabbed my STL file get my phone ready, and witness the magical print that came to life! (in 3-Dimensional world)