3-Steps Assembly

Let's get real..  The reason why we buy or want to buy a 3D printer is to print 3D objects, that's it! No 'techies', no Ironman thing, no nothing. It's the same reason why we buy a computer or a car or anything. WE WANT TO USE IT THE WAY IT SHOULD BE. We don't buy a car to learn how to be a mechanic right? Because we want to use it!

That's one main thing I really love the most about this new Athorbot 3D Printer!

Ok, maybe a bit of a 'techie' thing, but hey! 3-Steps Assembly isn't that techie but a lot of fun!.

In this article, I will show you some visuals of how to Assemble the gig.

Have Fun!

Inside the box. Everything is prebuilt. You only need one hand for the Hex keys/Allen wrench and the other hand for scratching your head. :D

Here are the parts you will get in the box:




Body Frame

System Box

Let Get It On!

Step 1:  Attach the body frame to the base/platform


Use an M5 nut (included) and slide it inside railing of the platform

Hold the body frame upward and attach it to the platform, slowly slide it forward until it touches the round-hex screw ( I invented it's name lol).

Align the M5 Nut to the hole and tighten it with the screw included


Step 2:  Attach the Extruder


Insert the Extruder to it's bay, align the screw holes and gently tighten it with the screw provided

Next, attach the heatsink, fan and wind pipe ( I just called it wind pipe) altogether and gently tighten it.


Step 3:  Get Wired!

This is a bit tricky, but don't worry, the wires are labeled and the connectors are pretty much one-way connectors, meaning there is no way to plug it upside-down. So you don't have to worry about short circuit.

But the tricky part is where to insert the connectors.

Just remember the X, Y, and Z axis from your early algebra.

X is the horizontal movement (left and right)

Y is the vertical (up and down)

and Z axis is the one that moves across X and Y. Moving forward and backward. For this scenario, it's the base platform.

That's the most of it, just plug in the power and you're ready to go!