Fast & Furious Lab-Motorbike

Download: STL file of Fast & Furious Lab-Motorbike

0. Introduction

Motorcycle, one of the representatives of speed and passion, loved by the
majority of young people. Printing a motorcycle requires a lot of support.
This section will guide beginners how to set support for a print.

1. Machine set-up: Brother

Belt is tight enough---screw is tight enough---Power supply is at the right
Voltage position (US:110V, EU: 240V)---the wire connection is
correct---x/y/z axis movement is correct---auto home works fine---
temperature works fine---preheat works fine.


2. Slicing setting

Athorbot Brother (PLA green ): 


 3. Results


4. Conclusion:

It will be easier to remove the support if setting at Lines support, and the Fill Amount is 5%.


5. Supplemental material and reference

Video for Motorcycle printing :




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