Assembly Lab-Excavator

Download: STL file of Assembly Lab-Excavator

 0. Introduction

Component or end item comprising of a number of parts or sub-assemblies put together to perform a specific function, and capable of disassembly without destruction. What may be an assembly at one point, however,
may be a sub-assembly at another [1]. This 3D-printed example is used for 3D printer beginners who want to print the parts and assemble them themselves. The whole section will guide you from machine set-up, slicing setting and expected results.


 1. Machine set-up:

Belt is tight enough---screw is tight enough---Power supply is at the right Voltage position (US:110V, EU: 240V)---the wire connection is correct---x/y/z axis movement is correct---auto home works fine--temperature works fine---preheat works fine.

 2. Slicing setting

Athorbot Buddy setting (PLA yellow/black and PLA green/red ): 


 3. Assembly Results

The assembled prints size is 50*80*80mm. Because the printed screws are too small, we use M2 screws to assemble the excavator. And there is a little change of the original print during assembly.


4. Conclusion

 The printing speed can not be too fast when printing tiny and thin wall prints. 30-60mm/s is recommended.


 5. Supplemental material and reference

video for Excavator parts printing.

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